Run your shortcuts from push notifications

Try it, it's free!

Pushcut is free to download for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.
Check out Pricing to learn about features that require a subscription.

Endless possibilities

Connect your automation the right way - your way!

The right notification

Build notifications with the content and actions you want to see

At the right time

You control when they pop up, from virtually anywhere

Run shortcuts

Your shortcuts - one tap away, right from the notification


Use the Web API from IFTTT, Zapier, your home server, or anywhere that knows what HTTP is

Keep in sync

Because all your devices matter

Dynamic content

Deliver dynamic texts, shortcut inputs, and URLs - powered by JSON

Check out our Guides & Examples page to get an idea of what is possible.

Certain features will require additional setup, such as the Shortcuts app or an automation server or service. Not all features are available with the free plan. See Support for more information.



No subscription required
  • import all your shortcuts
  • run shortcuts from notification actions
  • open URLs from notification actions
  • set default actions
  • unlimited pushes of your notifications
  • create up to three notification definitions
  • add up to one action per notification definition


0.99 per month*
  • define as many notifications as you want
  • add as many actions per notification as you want
  • connect all your devices to one account


1.99 per month*
  • fully dynamic notifications through the JSON API
  • dynamic shortcut inputs for each action
  • dynamic URLs
  • dynamic notification texts, titles, and sounds
  • target individual devices for each notification

* Prices in USD. Monthly and yearly payment options are available through App Store subscriptions.
For prices in your country's currency please refer to the App Store or the purchase dialog in the app.

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