Add New Server Schedule

Add a new repeating scheduled job to your Automation Server.


Action Type
  • The type of action to run.
    • HomeKit Scene: You also need to choose the Scene to run.
    • Shortcut: You also need to choose the Shortcut to run.
Job Type
  • Choose the schedule type for the server action.
    • Every X ...: Job that executes at regular intervals, e.g. every 5 minutes.
      • X Minutes
      • X Hours
      • X Days
    • At Time: Job that executes on specific days or at a specific time.
      • Weekdays
      • Time

 Output: Server Schedule

  • A UUID for this server action.
Cron Expression
Schedule Description
  • E.g. Every 60 minutes
  • The timezone for the execution of the action based on relative to your local time on the device you run this action on.
Is Enabled?
  • Server actions which are enabled.
  • The name of the Shortcut or HomeKit action.
Task Type
    • Shortcut
    • HomeKit
Schedule Type
  • Whether the task is scheduled to happen at a specific time, or based on an interval.
    • At Time
    • Every
  • Any notes you have written for the server schedule.
  • The name of the Shortcut or the HomeKit Scene.