Guides & Examples

Start learning how to create smart notifications and widgets with Pushcut right now following our guides and examples.


Learn more about all the different Pushcut features on the links below.

  • Automation Server
    Use a dedicated iOS device to automatically run your shortcuts, without confirmation or user interaction.

    Trigger notifications, your automation server and widget updates from the internet.

  • Synchronization, Integration Services and API
    Connect Pushcut with different integration services such as IFTTT, Zapier and Make to trigger notifications based on online events.

  • Notifications, Shortcuts & Triggers
    Create smart notifications, trigger them whenever you want and use them to run your favorite shortcuts.

  • Settings
    Launch straight to the automation server, customise quick actions and more.

  • URL Scheme
    Open Pushcut with an action—automatically.

  • Widgets
    Create custom dynamic widgets and keep them always up to date with Pushcut support integrations.


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