Shortcuts Actions

Pushcut has a number of Shortcuts action you can use.

Tip: Read and learn more about Shortcuts and how to use the Shortcuts app in Apple’s Shortcuts User Guide.

Automation Server

Add New Server Schedule

Adds a new repeating scheduled job to run on your automation server.

Cancel Server Action

Cancels a scheduled server action.

Change Server State

Start, stop, or restart your Automation Server.

Enable/Disable Server Schedule

Enable or disable the Server Schedule(s) in bulk.

Execute Server Action

Executes a server action on your Automation Server device.

Find Server Requests  New

Get a list of and filter your Server Requests for your Automation Server.

Find Server Schedule

Get a list of and filter your Server Schedules for your Automation Server.

Get Server Status

Gets the status of your Automation Server.


Cancel Notification

Cancels or removes a notification.

Send Notification  New

Sends a customizable Pushcut notification to your devices.

Show Notification  New

Shows a notification on this device when a specified event occurs.


Find Device  New

Provides a list of your Pushcut devices.

Open Pushcut

Opens the specified page in the Pushcut app.

Schedule Shortcut

Schedules a shortcut to run on this device when a specified event occurs.

Set Pushcut Focus Filter

Set your Focus Filter for Pushcut.

Update Widget

Changes a given widget's content and optionally provides inputs as a list.

Upload Image

Uploads a given image to Pushcut's servers.