Send Notification  New

Send a notification to one or more of your Pushcut devices. If you just want to notify the device you are running the Shortcut on take a look at the Show Notification action. Set the Reminder Identifier to let yourself update the notification (using this action) or cancel the notification later.


  • Set the Title text of the notification.
  • Set the text of the notification.
  • Text you want to provide to the Shortcut.
  • Only available for Shortcut
Reminder Identifier
  • A custom identifier you can use to update or cancel this notification later if needed.
Time Sensitive
  • Choose if the notification should be time sensitive or not.
  • Choose a file (or a photo from a variable).
Thread ID
  • An ID you can set on notifications to group them together by thread.


  • Choose the notification.
  • Choose the device(s).
Configuration Type
    • JSON (accepts the same data as the web API, allowing more options).
    • Simple
  • Specify how long you would like to delay the notfication by, you can combine the following options as you wish (e.g. 2h 5m).
    • 1s 1 second
    • 2m 2 minutes
    • 3h 3 hours
    • 4d 4 days
    • 1w 1 week

 Output: Notification

  • The data set in the Title field in Shortcuts.
  • The data set in the Text field in Shortcuts.
  • The data set in the Input field in Shortcuts.
Notification Identifier
  • The data set in the Notification Identifier field in Shortcuts.
  • This is the name of the notification.