You can customise access Pushcut settings through the Account tab, and then the ellipsis button.

Account Sync with iCloud When iCloud sync is disabled, you will lose data if the app is deleted.
Beacons Ignore signal loss for Control how long an iBeacon has to be "invisible" for, so you are considered "away".
Automation Server
Run Automation Server on Startup Have Pushcut launch straight into running the Automation Server when it starts.
Default view on startup Choose which view Pushcut defaults to when it opens (if the app is already open it will return to that view).
Quick Actions Choose Quick actions Customize the actions in the tap and hold menu on the app icon.
Hide help links Hide the help links which are available throughout the app.
System Settings Open Pushcut in the Settings app.

Quick Actions

Quick actions are the actions you see when you tap and hold on an app icon. You can choose which of these you'd like to appear, and change the order. The following options are available:

  • Notifications
  • Triggers
  • Widgets
  • Server
  • Account
  • Run Server
  • Settings

Note: The number of quick actions that can appear varies per device.