Smart notifications for HomeKit

While this guide is designed to help you choose a scene at the appropriate time, you could run a Shortcut as an action from the notification, or even call your automation server.

Step 1: Create a new Pushcut notification

Add a new notification in the Pushcut app.

Set a name and enter a title and a message.

Step 2: Select a HomeKit scene as action

Tap Add Action and select HomeKit.

Enter an action name and choose the scene you want to activate.

Tap Done, Save. Use Copy URL to copy the webhook URL to the pasteboard.

Step 3: Add a HomeKit automation

In the Home app, add a new automation (requires a HomeKit Hub).

This example uses Time Of Day > Sunset, When I am home.

Tap Next.

Step 4: Paste webhook URL

Select Convert to Shortcut instead of a scene (under Advanced at the bottom).

Add the URL action and paste in the webhook URL of your notification.

Add the Get contents of URL action and make sure the URL parameter is set.

Tap Next and Done.

Step 5: Control your home!

That's it, you are all set!

It is easy to add multiple scenes, or select different triggers.

Want more?

If you switch your URL Method to POST in HomeKit, you can specify dynamic texts, titles, even actions as JSON body.

Turn on Keep Notification on your HomeKit actions to execute multiple scenes from one notification.

Check out the other guides and see our Support page for more information.