We recently asked feature requests on the Pushcut subreddit and while this release was already in the works, I'm pleased to say it delivers some of those requests already!

We have a brand new Shortcuts action: Get Server Status, it does exactly what it sounds like, allowing you to check on the status of your Pushcut server through a Shortcut.

Setting Widget Content in Pushcut

We also improved the Update Widget action in Shortcuts: You can now set your On Tap action dynamically. The URL now supports URL parameters1 too, which means X-Callback-URL support!

Did you know that you can import or export widget content? We have a number of examples including the JSON (which you import) in our Widget guides. We also made it a lot easier to create a new widget and content for it, as well as added some little tweaks such as a "clear" button for the name of a widget or content.

There are some other things too:

  • Your Automation Server is now labelled in the device list.
  • The "What's New in Pushcut" screen won't be displayed on a device running the automation server.
  • A rare scenario in which images couldn't be uploaded has been resolved.
  1. URL parameters are the combination of keys and values that come after a ? in a URL, so if you wanted to set my-parameter to my-property, and your-parameter to your_property when opening a URL, you would do this: example.com?my-parameter=my-property&your-parameter=your-property 

Have an idea on how we can improve Pushcut? Let us know over on Reddit and Mastodon.