This month is all about better widgets. We've added more options to what you can do from a widget, and also made it easier to create widget content!

When you add images to Pushcut, for use in your notifications or widgets, you can now take pictures from the camera as well as adding pictures from your camera roll or from files. Don't forget, there's also a Shortcuts action to upload images as well!

The option to run shortcuts from your widget has been souped up, you can now choose to run it on your automation server instead of your local device, and you can provide input to the Shortcut as well—allowing you to run different actions or even do a more complex workflow if you choose. We also made it possible to run a HomeKit Scene so you have even more options! Check out what you can do when you tap on a widget.

When it comes to widget content design there's even more power available now. At the bottom of the widget content editor you can now see which widgets are using this design. You can now duplicate a row or a column by tapping and holding on it in the design list. And finally, we've added some logos for popular social media platforms to the available symbols.

The Shortcuts action for find devices will now let you filter for or exclude your automation server, so you can easily find it or exclude it from your devices (for example to send notifications to all your devices except your automation server).

While we're talking about the automation server, we added a setting to show you the current time on the server display, and failed actions can be retried with a single tap.

Finally we added a small tweak for those of you with multiple IFTTT/Zapier/Make accounts—those integrations can be renamed so you'll know which one is your work account vs your personal account!

Have an idea on how we can improve Pushcut? Let us know over on Reddit and Mastodon.