We've been busy implementing a number of user requests, just in time for the holidays. If you have one make sure you ask us either on Reddit, or via Mastodon.

Duplicating a notification in Pushcut

You can now duplicate a notification in Pushcut through the context menu (tap and hold). This is ideal when you have a notification configured with all of your local triggers, (default) actions, and more. Duplicating a notification takes you straight into editing the copy, so you can make any changes you want!

Locations list in Pushcut

Speaking of locations, did you know there's a location list? You can see all of your locations through Triggers > (top left) > Locations. Now you can easily see what kind of location it is with icons to represent iBeacons and geographic locations.

While we're talking about notifications, we added the ability to update a notification! In 2022.9 Shortcuts actions for Send Notification and Show Notification were upgraded to output the details of a notification—so you can save all the details you might want/need (though the Reminder Identifier is the important one here), and then use the same Shortcuts action again later to update (or the Cancel Notification action to remove it).

The Find Devices Shortcuts action now supports filtering for your current device (or excluding it from the results). This is ideal for making sure you don't have a notification pop up on your current device—such as your automation server.

Running actions on your automation is one of our favourite Pushcut features—and from what we've heard from you all it is too! If you restart your Automation Server (such as after an iOS update) you may have to wait for a while for your regularly scheduled actions to run. So there's a brand new option on server actions allowing you to trigger the action when your server starts as well as on a regular schedule.

And the final feature we've added this release is the ability to provide input to a Shortcut or Server Action from a notification. This is perfect for notifications that you trigger as part of a shortcut or online automation and want to pass data on to the next step.

Have an idea on how we can improve Pushcut? Let us know over on Reddit and Mastodon.