IFTTT is a web automation service that allows you to connect triggers and actions, for example: If it rains, remind me to close my windows. Pushcut integrates with IFTTT allowing you to trigger automations from it (for example a notification), and with actions to send notifications, update widgets, or even run things through your Automation Server.

We have a number of guides showing you some of the ways you can use IFTTT with Pushcut:


Triggers are what starts an IFTTT automation running. The most common way of doing this with Pushcut is by using the Action Executed trigger.

Action Executed

This trigger fires when a server action is executed in Pushcut.
To create and use this, set up an IFTTT automation with this as the trigger and then save it. Then in Pushcut add an action to a notification, and select the "Server" type. Switch from "Pushcut" to "Integration" and then select the IFTTT integration you just created. You can also use Background Triggers to run an IFTTT Automation.

Pushcut notification triggering an IFTTT automation


Send a notification

This action will send a smart notification to your devices.

Automation Server: Execute a shortcut

This action will execute a shortcut on the Automation Server.

Automation Server: Execute a HomeKit scene

This action will execute a HomeKit scene on the Automation Server.

Send a customized notification with JSON

This action will send a smart notification with JSON configuration for customization.

Update a widget  New

This action will update the configuration of a widget.

Update a widget (to open a URL when tapped)  New

This action will update the configuration of a widget and set the "on tap" action to open a URL.