Synchronization, Integration Services and API

Empower your smart notifications using Integration Services and the Pushcut API.

Device synchronization

By default your iCloud account will be used to link all your devices to one Pushcut account. You can change your preference in the Settings view.

Devices without an iCloud account (or with the setting turned off) will use their own isolated Pushcut account.

You can see a list of all your active devices in the Account view. All synchronized devices use the same secret, shortcuts, integrations, and server actions.

Integrations & Third-party services

Pushcut can be integrated with third-party automation services, both as action (ie: send notification) and as trigger (ie: third-party services can be triggered directly from notifications or background actions).

After initiating the connection from a service, you will be prompted to scan a QR code with the Pushcut app and grant access. On an device with Pushcut installed, you can directly authorize the connection inside the app.

In the Account view, you can see all services that currently have access. By swiping left, you can revoke access for each service individually.

Here is a list of integrations that are available:

Zapier Pushcut at ( Guide)
IFTTT Pushcut at ( Guide, 2, 3)
Make Pushcut at ( Guide)
Microsoft Power Automate Pushcut at
Pushcut API Build your own integration

Pushcut API

For more advanced functionality you can use the API at It supports sending messages, executing Automation Server actions, registering custom webhooks (even local network URLs) to be used as integrations triggers.

To access the API, use the Add API Key button in the Account view and include it in the HTTP header as API-Key.
Find the API documentation here.