One of the most popular feature requests recently has been for enhanced notification support—to allow you to schedule a notification for delivery in the future on another (or all) devices, and to also be able to remove notifications!

If you want to schedule a notification through HomeKit, for example to remind you if the garage door has been open for 10 minutes, you can do that in the API (so with the Get Contents of URL in Shortcuts, which is available in Home automations you have converted to a Shortcut), as well as with the Send Notification Shortcuts action!

The Cancel Notification Shortcuts action will now let you cancel or remove notifications on any device, and there is a matching API call you can make with a DELETE to /submittedNotifications/{notificationId}.

Did you know that images you upload for Widgets and Notifications are shared? We added images to the Account tab so you can easily get to them without editing a notification or a widget. We've also taken the opportunity to add support for uploading them from Photos as well as Files or taking a picture with the Camera.

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