This month's release is based around widgets and making it easier to edit them. After a lot of hard work we've added drag and drop to the widget editor—so you can rearrange your widget components more easily!

When you add items into rows and columns in a widget you see your design forming, but when you're changing things around—perhaps adding new information, or just making things prettier it's nice to be able to just tap and hold and then move your components to tweak things, like re-order text!

Whilst we were looking at widgets we also added support to run integrations through a widget. So now you can tap on a widget to run something through IFTTT,, or Zapier.

We've also brought Sign in with Apple support to Pushcut. From the Account tab in Pushcut, open the Settings (... in the top left corner) and voilà you can Sign in with Apple! We've spent a lot of time working on other things under the hood as well—so you'll see why this is important very soon!

Have an idea on how we can improve Pushcut? Let us know over on Reddit and Mastodon.