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Smart Home

Convert HomeKit actions to Shortcuts to call Pushcut, and control HomeKit from Pushcut.

Time Triggers

Daily, weekly, or monthly—and even only when you're at certain locations.

Location Triggers

Use physical locations with optional time limits, or iBeacons as triggers.

Automation Server

Run Shortcuts and HomeKit scenes 100% in the background whenever you want, triggered from anywhere.


Target devices, and update or remove notifications. Include images, set a default action, and add further choices.


Show your information, and choose what happens when you tap it.

Background Actions

Without tap to run, call a URL, run something on your automation server, or trigger an integration like IFTTT, Make, or Zapier.

Smart Notifications

Actionable Information

Notifications which let you choose actions to run, and appear only when needed.

Custom Triggers

Have notifications appear based on time, location, or because of HomeKit triggers, or even Shortcuts actions and API calls.

Clean Up

Remove notifications, and cancel scheduled ones when they are no longer needed.

Custom Widgets

Personal Widgets

Create widgets to show whatever you want.

Run Actions

Run a shortcut or HomeKit scene when you tap on your widget.

Change Content

Update what your widget shows with automations and more.

On your Apple Watch

Kick off powerful automation actions from your wrist.

Notifications, Complications, and more. Notifications, Complications, and more. Notifications, Complications, and more.


  Free Pro Server
Design rich, actionable notifications 3  
Add automation actions to notifications 1  
Send smart notifications from Shortcuts, HomeKit, or webhooks *  
Send smart notifications from IFTTT, Zapier, and other integrations *  
Create location triggers for automatic background actions 2  
Execute webhooks, integrations, or HomeKit scenes as notification actions    
Create and update smart widgets    
Automatically run Automation Server requests (daily limits)   100 5000
Run server shortcuts and HomeKit scenes from integrations and webhooks  
Create schedules for automatic server actions  
Dynamically schedule delayed executions of server actions    
Wait for long-running server shortcuts    
Run server shortcuts perodically    

Pushcut Pro

Unlock the full power of smart notifications, widgets, triggers, and automation actions.

Period Price
Monthly $1.99 per month
Annual $17.99 per year
Lifetime $39.99 forever

Automation Server Extended

Supercharge your Automation Server!

Period Price
Monthly $2.49 per month
Annual $22.49 per year

*Limited to sending pre-defined notifications without dynamic content.

Prices in USD. Available as In-App purchases. Terms of Use apply.
For prices in your country's currency please refer to the App Store or the purchase dialog in the app.

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